Thursday, 18 February 2010

Letter Chair

The Welcome Chair


The welcome chair focuses on the simplistic design together with aesthetics and functionality, a multi-functional chair that can be collapsed down and hung to create visual art work or art work that can be folder out to create a chair.


Hand Cut Poster/Chair

The innovative design would provide ventilation to its users through the negative space between the letters

Magazine Publication


Letter Press

For my letter press induction i chose to do 'Bitmap' after experimenting with my idea i realised it also ties in with Grayscale, so in my spare time i crated proof prints representing the
Bitmap and Grayscale combined.

i used metal printing blocks to create a pixel like image, representing the bitmap image you get when you zoom in close up to something on a computer screen.
the grayscale shows the diffrent shades you get in the bitmap image to create a solid image, example below.

Proof prints


Stop motion film for my summer project 'ice breaker'
a frozen block of ice revealing the word 'melt' as it melts.

Sunday, 31 January 2010


nothing seems to be inspiring me at the moment except front and wuw magazine. work is moving slowly and needs to pick up pace. positivity is now a relative but negativity is still a close friend.

things to come, project photos, ideas, the lot.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010


yet again i havent bothered to do this but i am actually going to start getting ahead on this as it will be useful. FAIL, didnt really do much seeing as the cold weather pretty much stopped me from being social, apart from taking some wintery pictures, always a good time waster.

need to get working.