Thursday, 18 February 2010

Letter Chair

The Welcome Chair


The welcome chair focuses on the simplistic design together with aesthetics and functionality, a multi-functional chair that can be collapsed down and hung to create visual art work or art work that can be folder out to create a chair.


Hand Cut Poster/Chair

The innovative design would provide ventilation to its users through the negative space between the letters

Magazine Publication


Letter Press

For my letter press induction i chose to do 'Bitmap' after experimenting with my idea i realised it also ties in with Grayscale, so in my spare time i crated proof prints representing the
Bitmap and Grayscale combined.

i used metal printing blocks to create a pixel like image, representing the bitmap image you get when you zoom in close up to something on a computer screen.
the grayscale shows the diffrent shades you get in the bitmap image to create a solid image, example below.

Proof prints


Stop motion film for my summer project 'ice breaker'
a frozen block of ice revealing the word 'melt' as it melts.